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Course Summary

This course is designed to help users subject to the jurisdiction of the UK understand their personal and corporate responsibilities under the Bribery Act 2010. The training includes an overview of the act, situations considered bribery that are prohibited by the act, penalties, and a discussion of the six principles that constitute “adequate procedures” that companies can take to minimise the risk of bribery taking place.

This is a certificate programme developed by Content Enablers, accredited by the CPD Certification Service, and endorsed by the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, King’s College London.

Learning Objectives

Provide an overview of the UK’s Bribery Act 2010, including the six principles, possible bribery indicators, and penalties. Present your organisation’s responsibilities under the act. Offer awareness of key differences between the Bribery Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Target Audience

Any employees responsible for negotiating international business arrangements and subject to the jurisdiction of the UK, including executives and managers, as well as personnel in sales, marketing, business development, contracts, and finance

Course Duration: 33 minutes

Certificate of Continuing Professional Development: King's College London 

Course Outline



  • Offence: Giving a Bribe
  • Offence: Receiving a Bribe
  • Offence: Bribing a Foreign Public Official
  • Offence: Failing to Prevent Bribery by an Employee or Agent

Six Principles

  • Six Principles
  • Proportionality

Top-Level Commitment

Risk Assessment

Due Diligence


Monitoring and Review

Grease Payments


Possible Bribery Indicators

Gifts and Hospitality





  • Bribes
  • Gifts and Hospitality
  • Facilitation or Grease Payments
  • Charitable Donations

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