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Content Enablers’ United Kingdom: Sanctions & Embargoes training course gives users an overview of the UN, EU, and unilateral sanctions and embargoes regimes adopted by the UK, as well as the UK’s implementation and enforcement activities.The course also provides an overview of a selection of some of the country-specific sanctions and embargoes regimes to which the UK is a part, including Iran, Ukraine, North Korea, and others.

This is a certificate programme developed by Content Enablers, accredited by the CPD Certification Service, and endorsed by the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, King’s College London.

Learning Objectives

Provide an overview of trade sanctions and embargoes laws and regulations of the UK and how the UK implements and enforces them.

Define what sanctions and embargoes are, including the difference between multilateral and unilateral sanctions.

Provide details on a selection of key sanctions and embargoes currently in force in the UK.

Target Audience

Employees requiring a solid awareness of the trade sanctions and embargoes regulations of the UK

Course Duration: 41 minutes

Certificate of Continuing Professional Development: King's College of London

Course Outline


  • UK: Sanctions & Embargoes
  • UK: Sanctions & Embargoes Overview
  • UK: Multilateral and Unilateral Sanctions

UK: Implementation and Enforcement of Sanctions

  • Overview
  • UK: Trade Sanctions on Foreign Terrorist Organisations
  • UK: Trade Sanctions on Iran
  • UK: Trade Sanctions on North Korea
  • UK: Trade Sanctions on Sudan
  • UK: Trade Sanctions on Syria
  • UK: Sanctions Against Russia Regarding Ukraine

Training Summary

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