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Course Summary

This professional-level course introduces users to the types of authorization available under the EAR and ITAR for the permanent and temporary export and import of regulated hardware, technical information, software, and services. The course provides users with the foundation for identifying the appropriate authorization for their transaction, which may involve multiple authorization types, as well as different regulations, depending on the activity.

Users will receive a certificate of completion from George Mason University upon successful completion of this course.

Learning Objectives

The broadest objective of this course is to enable users to understand the different types of U.S. export authorizations and their applicability to ensure a transaction is compliant. This objective is satisfied when users can:

Trade-Specific Objectives

  • Understand the different types of authorizations available under the ITAR and the EAR;
  • Recall when and how the different types of authorizations are used;
  • Identify the difference between direct commercial sales and foreign military sales transactions;
  • Remember that different business functions are a source of information for determining authorization needs;
  • Distinguish between permanent and temporary transactions; and
  • Recognize when multiple authorizations are needed for a transaction to be compliant.

Role-Specific Objectives

  • Understand that they may be responsible for determining the appropriate authorization for a transaction;
  • Recognize that they may be asked to approve the use of a company-certified authorization;
  • Realize that they may be responsible for preparing and submitting formal authorization requests; and
  • Know that they may be responsible for ensuring the appropriate export and import and, if necessary, any implementation or usage recordkeeping for an authorization during the required time period.

Target Audience

Personnel who are involved in determining the need for and the process of obtaining authorizations from the U.S. government – such as sales and marketing, aftermarket services and program management, contract management, transportation, supply chain and procurement, and business development.

Course Duration: 39 minutes

Certificate of Completion: George Mason University

Course Outline



  • DSP-5  
  • DSP-61  
  • DSP-73  
  • DSP-85  
  • Paragraph (x)  

Part 124 Agreements  

  • TAA  
  • MLA  
  • Specific Information needed  
  • Shipments/Transfers IFO an Agreement  


  • Understanding Eligibility  
  • Documenting/Approval  

Part 126 Exemptions  

  • Canadian exemption – 126.5  
  • Foreign Military Sales – 126.6  
  • U.S. Treaty with Australia – 126.16  
  • U.S. Treaty with the UK – 126.17  
  • Intra-Company, Intra-Organization, Intra-governmental Transfers of Employees who are Dual or Third Country Nationals – 126.18  

EAR Authorizations  

  • General BIS-748P Requirements  
  • Documentation Requirements  
  • Unique License Types  

License Exceptions  

  • Understanding Eligibility  
  • Documenting/Approval  

Submission Portals  

  • D-Trade v SNAP-R  

Tips for Submission  

Training Summary  

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