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Foundations of U.S. Export Compliance for UK Practitioners Course

This course introduces learners to the six primary areas of U.S. trade compliance: jurisdiction and classification, regulated activities, authorizations, authorization management, customs clearance, and compliance programs with analysis and commentary that address issues relevant to compliance practitioners operating within the UK.

Learning Objectives

The broadest objective of this course is to enable learners to recognise trade-related situations and know how to react in each situation to remain compliant with the trade regulations. This objective is satisfied when learners can:

Trade-Specific Objectives

  • Understand that trade compliance is a company-wide endeavour.
  • Identify daily activities that give rise to trade compliance considerations.
  • Recall the different regulatory requirements that exist for the identified activities.
  • Distinguish and/or differentiate between the scope, focus, or intent of U.S. regulations.
  • Recognise when to ask for assistance and/or seek guidance.
  • Know that trade controls consider end use and end user, as well as country of use.

Role-Specific Objectives

  • Understand that daily activities directly impact or contribute to trade compliance.
  • Recognise that specific training may be required for successful compliance with the different areas of trade compliance.
  • Realise that trade compliance happens at all levels of the company and within all business functions.

Target Audience

Employees in the UK who are involved – directly or indirectly – in regulated activities, including employees who interact with non-U.S. persons as part of their job

Employees in the UK who are responsible for managing or overseeing personnel engaged in U.S. trade compliance activities

Course Duration

Approximately 2 Hours, 20 Minutes

Certificate & CPD Units

This is a certificate programme developed by Content Enablers, accredited by the CPD Certification Service, and endorsed by the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, King’s College London.

After the 30 day trial you may elect to subscribe, access the certificate of completion from King’s College London and CPD credits. If you subscribe you will also receive ongoing course and regulatory updates through the learning platform.

"I have to say...the specially designed workthrough is the best I have seen anywhere – well done.” — David Wookey, Export Group for Aerospace, Defence & Dual-Use (EGADD), formerly UK Ministry of Defence


"I really enjoyed the content of all 4 courses. The courses were very thoroughly organized and the material was right on par. The real life scenarios were really well done as they were specific enough to be beneficial, but general enough to appeal to all industries. I really liked the interactive “game-like” features of the training in the end, but all in all the entire training was fantastic. —Mike Holloway, Textron


Access previous COMPLIANCE 2020 events, and the May COMPLIANCE 2020 event for free!

COMPLIANCE 2020 events complement Content Enablers course content with exclusive analysis and insider perspectives from top government and industry experts on important and developing compliance issues. You will have 30-days worth of free access to previous COMPLIANCE 2020 events including:

November 2019 

CE@Schar: Compliance in an Evolving Regulatory World

Featuring Matt Borman, George Grammas, Candace Goforth, Kat Hamilton, and Tracy Minnifield

Our expert panel explored emerging compliance trends in 2020 and introduced the themes to be explored in our monthly Compliance 2020 webinars and in-person events, including:

  • Globalization of Export Compliance and Sanctions: impacts of U.S. and EU regimes for U.S. companies and non-U.S. recipients of U.S. items.
  • Expansion of Export Controls for Emerging and Foundational Technologies: impact on the defense industrial base and supply chain with the establishment of the emerging and foundational technologies lists.
  • Refinement of Export Control Reform Principles: continued application of regulatory changes and the oft inconsistent application for activities which are not clearly addressed by the regulations.

January 2020 

The Law, Policy, and Practice of the EAR’s Unverified List, Entity List, and Denied Persons List

Presented by Kevin Wolf, Partner - Akin Gump

The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) include three different tools that impose end-user-specific limitations on activities related to exports, reexports, and transfers of items subject to the EAR.   The Bureau of Industry of Security (BIS) uses these tools often to accomplish various national security and foreign policy objectives. In 2019, there was an expansion of restricted party lists and the designation of higher profile and important individuals and businesses, including Russian oligarchs and their businesses, the Venezuelan national oil company, PDVSA and Huawei and other important companies in China. This trend is expected to continue into 2020 as the Government increasingly uses these lists to serve national security and foreign policy objectives beyond traditional export controls policy.

February 2020 

Emerging and Foundational Technology and CFIUS for Export Compliance Professionals
Presented by George N. Grammas, Partner - Squire Patton Boggs

In a rapidly changing business environment, the trade compliance practitioner's expertise will be needed to safely navigate mergers, acquisitions, and different types of partnerships with foreign entities. Join us on February 20th from 10:00 AM EST to Noon to learn how emerging and foundational technologies and CFIUS are expanding the role of the trade compliance practitioner.

March 2020

Update on New Rules Regarding Exports to China

Presented by Kevin Wolf, Partner - Akin Gump

The Commerce Department is working on various changes to the EAR that would result in more controls on the export and reexport of items to China. The rules might be published before April 29th. If so, they would likely be the following:

  1. An expansion of the EAR’s extraterritorial jurisdictional control over foreign-made items destined to Huawei companies;  
  2. The elimination of License Exception CIV with respect to exports to China and deemed exports to Chinese nationals;
  3. The elimination of License Exception APR for reexports to China; and
  4. The expansion of the China military end-use rule to include prohibitions on exports to military end users of additional otherwise uncontrolled items.  

Kevin Wolf, the former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration, will describe the scope and content of these and any other changes published by April 29th. If no rules are published by then, then Kevin will describe what has been reported as of that date about possible changes to the EAR pertaining to China. He will be available to answer any other EAR-related questions the participants might have as well.

Kevin Wolf, the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration during the Obama Administration, was responsible for these tools during his tenure and will describe the law, history, policy, and practical compliance issues associated with each of them.

May 28, 2020 - Scheduled Event

The Future of US/UK Trade – Who Will Come Out a Winner?

Featuring Frank Samolis, Matthew Kirk, and George Grammas of Squire Patton Boggs

“We are going to win so much” is a familiar soundbite from President Donald Trump, and also representative of his administration’s approach to international negotiations. President Trump favors bilateral trade deals and has been optimistically touting the US as the UK’s first FTA partner after Brexit. From the UK’s perspective, Prime Minister Boris Johnson also wants wins, partly due to the desire to uphold certain regulatory standards, and largely to maintain political, economic, and social security and stability post-Brexit to soften the blow of leaving the EU on the UK economy. As both countries were primed to begin negotiations, COVID-19 happened. On May 5, 2020, the long-anticipated US-UK FTA discussions finally began, virtually, and were set to conclude by May 15, 2020.  

Please join Squire Patton Boggs experts – based in Washington, DC and London – for a roundtable to examine the relationship between the US and UK during a time of mutually important trade negotiation and the shifting dynamics beyond the horizon.  

Topics of discussion will include:  

  • The outcome of the first round of talks and what’s next
  • Each country’s negotiating priorities and strategies, meaningful agreements, absolute hard line, and the real-world implications, as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted or shuffled certain priorities
  • Regulatory and compliance hot spots (e.g., export controls; tariffs; sanitary and phytosanitary measures; government procurement; and defense, national, and public security concerns, etc.)  
  • Balancing the relationship with China, and with each other, and how politics may influence the trade negotiations and bilateral relations going forward
  • Involvement and power play in international organizations, such as the World Trade Organization  

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Access to COMPLIANCE 2020 LONDON and Future COMPLIANCE 2020 Events

Maintain your access to exclusive subscriber-only COMPLIANCE 2020 events including:

June 2020

Presented by Deloitte

Discussion of the intersection between U.S. export controls and cybersecurity, including, but not limited to, implementation of Technology Controls Plans, technology solutions for managing export-controlled data, new regulations regarding use of cloud environments, and new cybersecurity regulations affecting export-controlled data management. 

July 2020 

COMPLIANCE 2020 LONDON: U.S. Export Compliance in an Evolving World
Presented by EGADD and Squire Patton Boggs

This event will feature a moderated discussion among a panel of high-level government and industry leaders centered around compliance trends in 2020, including developing issues, forecasts, and ramifications on emerging technologies – and compliance activities in light of Covid-19 restrictions.

August 2020 

U.S. Persons Working Abroad for Defense Contractors
Presented by Gary Stanley, Global Legal Services

Detailed event description coming soon.

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