A Game-Changing New Trade Compliance Practitioner Certification Program

A Game-Changing New Trade Compliance Practitioner Certification Program

A Game-Changing New Trade Compliance Practitioner Certification Programme

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Designed for Practitioners by Practitioners

The U.S. Export Compliance for UK Practitioners Certificate Programme

Designed to reflect the specific training needs of UK trade compliance professionals, this collection presents the in-depth, practitioner-level content required to prepare learners to address the complex, ever-changing U.S. compliance challenges that companies face.

Continuing Professional Development Certificate Offerings Include:

Foundations of U.S. Export Compliance for UK Practitioners 

This foundational course introduces the six primary areas of trade compliance – jurisdiction and classification, regulated activities, authorisations, authorisation management, customs clearance, and trade compliance programmes – in relation to the relevant U.S. compliance regimes, including the EAR, the ITAR, and OFAC-administered sanctions and embargoes. The content identifies key activities and definitions within the trade compliance environment to foster understanding of your role in trade compliance.

U.S. Export Classifications for UK Practitioners

This course is designed for practitioners conducting jurisdiction and classification assessments through analysis of the critical factors – which are not always explicit in the regulations – and the methods for conducting such assessments. It presents the differences between the philosophies of the ITAR and EAR when reviewing items, analysis of the pivotal definitions to understand when information is export controlled, guidance on the issue of ITAR contamination of non-U.S. items, and tips for reading the control lists. The course also discusses the role effective jurisdiction and classification plays in a company’s compliance programme, including best practices for documenting the determination process.

U.S. Export Licensing for UK Practitioners

This course examines the types of authorisations available for exports and temporary imports of regulated hardware, technical information, software, and services under both direct commercial sales and foreign military sales programmes.

The training provides detailed guidance for implementing the appropriate authorisation for transactions that may involve multiple authorisation types, as well as different regulations depending on the activity, and discusses which business functions may have the relevant information needed to determine authorisation needs such as programme management, contracts, business development, procurement, and logistics.

U.S. Export Clearance for UK Practitioners

This course introduces learners to the regulatory requirements under the EAR, ITAR, FTR, and CBP regulations effecting the actual shipment or transfer of export-controlled items – activities commonly called customs clearance. These activities include preparation of customs clearance documentation, decrementation of authorisations, and recordkeeping. Specifically, this course will identify the different requirements for hardware and technical information under the ITAR and the EAR, as well as the submission methods to CBP. This course will also discuss the different requirements for permanent transactions and temporary transactions.

Transactions involving hand-carry scenarios, self-decrementation, domestic transactions with foreign persons and shipments using government transport will also be discussed. Most importantly, this course discusses best practices for conducting customs activities.

A certificate programme developed by Content Enablers, accredited by the CPD service, and recognised by the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, King’s College London

The certificate programme will be available on 21 October 2019.

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