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Content Enablers' United Kingdom: Imports Controls course gives users practical instruction on UK import regulations and enforcement agencies, classification processes, valuation methodologies, country-of-origin regulations, duties/tax assessment schemes, import prohibitions/restrictions, and appeal procedures.

This is a certificate programme developed by Content Enablers, accredited by the CPD Certification Service, and endorsed by the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, King’s College London.

Learning Objectives

Provide an overview of import control laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.

Target Audience

Employees requiring a solid awareness of the import controls of the UK.

Course Duration: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes

Certification of Continuing Professional Development: King's College London

Course Outline


UK: Import Controls Overview

UK: Importation of Goods

UK: Import Classification Determination

UK: Determining the Customs Value on Imported Goods

UK: Determining Country of Origin on Imported Goods

UK: Duties and Taxes on Imported Goods

UK: Prohibited and Restricted Imports  

UK: Advanced Rulings and Appeal Processes  

Training Summary

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