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Course Summary

CE’s U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations course is designed to give users an understanding of when an export shipment must be reported to the U.S. government and what the related requirements are. The training outlines the process, scope, and timing for filing EEI in the AES; discusses common filing exemptions; and presents additional CBP requirements, including record retention, voluntary disclosure procedures, and enforcement issues.

Users will receive a certificate of completion from George Mason University upon successful completion of this course.

Learning Objectives

Provide a basic understanding of the circumstances under which an export shipment must be reported to the U.S. government, what information and data must be reported for that export, and what the related requirements are intended to support.

Target Audience

Export compliance professionals and those directly involved in utilizing the U.S. Census Bureau’s Automated Export System (AES) to submit Electronic Export Information (EEI)

Course Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes

Certificate of Completion: George Mason University

Course Outline


  • Introduction
  • Training Objectives

U.S. Census Bureau - Foreign Trade Regulations

  • Key Definitions
    • Overview
    • Authorized Agent
    • Automated Export System (AES)
    • Buyer
    • Carrier
    • Consignee
    • Country of Ultimate Destination
    • Electronic Export Information (EEI)
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • Export Administration Regulations (EAR)
    • Exemption
    • Exemption Legend
    • Fatal Error Message
    • Filers
    • Foreign Principal Party in Interest (FPPI)
    • Forwarding Agent
    • Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS)
    • Internal Transaction Number (ITN)
    • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
    • Order Party
    • Party ID Type
    • Routed Export Transaction
    • Schedule B
    • Seller
    • Shipment
    • Split Shipment
    • Ultimate Consignee
    • S. Munitions List (USML)
    • S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI)
    • Written Authorization
  • General Requirements
    • Overview
    • Automated Export System (AES)
    • Filing Requirements and Related Information
  • From Where to Where
  • Electronic Export Information (EEI)
  • Times for Predeparture Filing
  • Miscellaneous Exemptions
  • Proof of Filing Citations, Exemption Legends, and Exclusion Legends
  • Corrections
  • Error Messages
  • Responsible Parties to the Export Transaction for Standard Export
  • EEI Filer
  • Authorized Agent
  • Carrier
  • Responsible Parties in a Routed Export Transaction
  • Overview
  • Authorized Agent
  • Record Retention
  • Enforcement and Voluntary Self-Disclosure
  • Enforcement
  • Voluntary Self-Disclosure

Training Summary

  • Summary
  • Knowledge Check

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